Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘families that play together, stay together’? Nothing could be truer than this statement when it comes to SHIRUDO martial arts training.

Having a strong family bond helps to instil strong values and moral standards in kids. It is important that kids learn these things to help guide them through their life’s journey. The most effective and influential teachers in a child’s life are their family members.

SHIRUDO Martial arts give families more time together

In this day and age, when both parents work and there is an unlimited amount of activities and distractions all around us, it is nice to know that there is one place where families can go and spend time together, work together, learn together, help each other and not be distracted by anyone or anything. SHIRUDO Martial arts can do this. Not just on the mat, but also in the car riding to and from the dojo. We provide true family classes.

Family bond through martial arts

SHIRUDO Martial Arts can build family bonds like no other sport, because everyone in the family can participate in classes together. SHIRUDO is safe and puts little to no stress on your joints. You don’t need to be able to run, catch or throw. SHIRUDO gives every member of the family something in common. It is something they can all discuss and help each other with. Families can interact with each other through practice both on and off the mat. Learning SHIRUDO is a journey you can share together.

There is no better feeling than training next to your child and setting a good example. According to the health authorities, children and adolescents should be physically active for 60 minutes per day. Practicing a martial art is a fun way for everyone in the family to get their daily exercise.

Adding to your family

At SHIRUDO Martial Arts, we also hope to extend your family as you train with us. Our classes are family units in themselves, and our whole school is one big extended family. Students have the support not only of their personal instructors, but all instructors at the school as well as fellow students. Together we learn through new skills, talk through concerning situations and respect each other as a family.