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Our Family Self Defence Classes

SHIRUDO HYBRID  was founded on family values and allows whole families to train and bond together through family classes.
Our classes are all family friendly, with our Saturday morning classes being specifically designed for families to train all together.

You can learn how to defend yourself while the family is forming stronger bonds getting fitter and healthier as a family lifestyle.

Martial Arts is not just about the body. It is about the mind. This regimented skill, builds discipline, goal setting and teamwork which can support the fundamental aspects of family. Especially when involved all together.

Whether you want to do the class as a whole family, father-son, mother-daughter or just siblings, we encourage any family situation to join us today and grow even closer.

Not only with your family grow closer and stronger together, but you become a part of the larger SHIRUDO family and this is the SHIRUDO way of life.

Benefits of Family Self Defence

  • Get fit together Get fit together
  • Set and Achieve Goals Set and Achieve Goals
  • Protect your family Protect your family
  • Grow physically and mentally Grow physically and mentally
  • Develop discipline Develop discipline
  • Learn new skills Learn new skills
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