Welcome to SHIRUDO Ultimate Martial Arts, and, thank you for showing interest in our club.

When you are looking at a sporting, self-defence or other martial arts activity for a family member or the whole family. You will, like most people, look at several different organisations in your local district or close by. Inevitably as part of that process, most thoughts are to find a school that can teach Self Defence in the form of kicking, punching and blocking at a reasonable cost, this is a practical way to start. Sadly though, for many schools, it has become just about the business and generating profits, and not about the nurturing of students.

Now, you would be right to think! Doesn’t SHIRUDO operate in a similar fashion? After all, as a business it must make money, right?

Yes, that is true, we are a business, and we do rely on revenue from our members to keep operating, however, we are much more than just teaching kicks, punches, blocks and self-defence for a profit. Sure, like other schools,’ students will learn a very practical and powerful self-defence, as well as the opportunity to one day progress through to black belt level and above.

However, that is where the similarities to other schools STOPS.

The SHIRUDO approach to teaching, sets us apart from other schools who focus solely on techniques. Our SHIRUDO philosophy and core values is to operate with the highest Integrity and honesty while delivery the highest quality martial arts instruction as possible.

Beyond Martial Arts, SHIRUDO is strongly underpinned with a process of developing important character developments, like Self Confidence, Discipline, Focus, Respect & Leadership development.

Our strong sense of family at SHIRUDO cements our programs into a very cohesive unit.

This is in keeping with our goals of training the mind and body as one while developing important character developments, such as Confidence, Discipline, Focus, Respect and Leadership skills.

These core values mixed with the sense of family binds the school, the community, the teachers and the students together, where everyone has a common goal.

In conclusion. We help you, as parents, prepare your children for adult life by providing a nurturing, quality based teaching system that truly helps children of all ages and backgrounds not only achieve their physical and mental health potential, but also, to develop important life skills, that can prepare them for life as a well-balanced adult who is able to contribute to their community in a positive way.
Once your child or your family begin our program, you become part of our “family”.

Together, we help each other reach our goals.

“Our programs in every sense can be used to support the moral compass for your child”

This is the SHIRUDO Way

Come and see for yourself! We will welcome you with open arms, our family to your family.



Founder Director

SHIRUDO Ultimate Martial Arts