Our women only classes are designed to empower women by Improving Fitness, Controlling Weight, adding Muscle Tone and Strength,  as well as practical women’s self defence skills.

We teach practical techniques designed specifically for women  to escape or disable an attacker. You will learn strikes, blocks and kicks, escapes from wrist grabs, bear hugs, hair grabs, chokes, ground evasion and protection

We Empower Women with the skills to avoid dangerous situations defend against the most  common attacks on women and escape the threat of physical or sexual assault.

We show women how to defend themselves  against bigger, stronger attackers.

Women OnlyTransformation Empowerment Program



Bullying is a problem that affects children and adolescents everywhere. Every school and community across the country has or will experience some form of bullying, Bullying in any form or for any reason can have an impact on victims and bystanders for decades, and in some cases a lifetime.

Our program is UNIQUE and specifically designed to help those who have had their young lives significantly affected by bullying.

In fact it has been successfully running for the last 4 years with the Illawarra Police in NSW. 

What can we do, as educators, community members and parents to nurture qualities of empathy and kindness in our children?

Our SHIELD program addresses that very question with the following 8 step program.

Eight steps towards SHIELD Confidence For Life
1. Open discussions of trust, sharing relevant stories and experiences.
2. Questionnaires are taken, reviewed and discussed.
3. Psychology behind bullying is discussed explained in detail.
4. A focus on character development, and greater self confidence.
5. Developing mental strength and confidence in verbal assertiveness.
6. Focus on diet, health and fitness.
7. Instruction in non-violent self defence and control techniques.

8. Role play testing and self defence under pressure.

Our main program is spread over 8 weeks for 2 hours per week and have a minimum requirement of  12 registered students for the program to run.

Other programs include — half day seminars and workshops covering similar material, however it is more concentrated into half day period.

Stop Bullying

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Our package includes:

  • Board breaking
  • Fun games
  • Padded sword competitions
  • Learn martial arts history
  • Learn various techniques such as kicks, blocks and judo throws
  • Pizzas (can be supplied at extra cost)
  • Birthday cake (Supplied by Parents and Cut with Sword)
  • Lolly bags
  • Free t-shirt and black belt for the birthday child

Birthday Parties

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