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Our Get Started package for individual busy students that can only commit to one class per week.

  • One Class per Week
  • Based on 4 month starter Package
  • Pay up front or week to week
  • Access to Member Site
  • Membership discounts on all training merchandise

$ Discount Packages Available per week

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Our Gold Membership package is our most popular package and offers unlimited classes per week in one to five Martial Arts styles. Package Includes:

  • 2 or more Classes in one style per week
  • 4 Month Starter membership
  • Pay up front or week to week
  • Access to member’s site
  • Access to discounted seminars
  • Access to discounted training gear and merchandise

$ Discount Packages Available per week

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This is an MMA Premium Membership Package offering unlimited training per week in any combination of styles or if you so choose all the styles across SHIRUDO, great value for those that want to broaden their Martial Arts experience and be significantly involved as a club member.

  • One year Membership
  • Unlimited Classes
  • Train in any style any night including up to two per night
  • Access to Member’s site
  • Access to discounted member’s seminars
  • Access to discounted training gear and merchandise
  • Only three month notice to cancel membership
  • Free training shorts or uniform (GI) on membership
  • Our fee structure is fortnightly direct debits
  • 24/7 access
  • Use of all gym and fitness equipment

$ Discount Packages Available per week

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Next Level Membership

Our Next Level Membership is designed to fast track your training and overall martial arts skills, it includes 1 Private lesson per week as well as unlimited classes in any of our classes with 24/7 access. Transform yourself.

  • Fast track your martial arts skills to the next level
  • Next level fitness
  • Next level toning and weight control
  • Based on 1 year commitment
  • Membership includes:
  • 1 Private lesson per week
  • Unlimited classes in any style every week
  • 24/7 access to train any time you like
  • Use of all Gym and fitness equipment

$ Discount Packages Available per week

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Family Packages

  • SPECIAL DISCOUNTED  family packages starting at 2 family members
  • Savings grow each family member added
  • Half price memberships per extra family member
  • Access to member discounts on uniforms and training equipment
  • Access to training video’s and martial arts learning modules



$ Discount Packages Available per week

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Private Lesson & PT

Our Private Lessons and Personal Training are tailored to suit and include;

  • Accelerated Learning
  • Personalised Instruction
  • 10% Discounts for 10 lesson blocks paid up front
  • 20% Discounts if you become a member and commit to minimum of 1 lesson per week

$ Discount Packages Available per 45 Minutes

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How does SHIRUDO UMA students compare with other styles?

Based on interactions with other clubs at the various tournaments SHIRUDO attends over any given year and judging from the number of trophies and medals SHIRUDO attains, our standard of Martial Arts or Black Belt standard is very high. Our philosophy at SHIRUDO on this subject is that a person’s development and standard over time has more to do with an individual’s commitment and hunger for learning than anything else.

Why join SHIRUDO UMA over other clubs?

Whilst we have great respect for many other Martial Arts clubs out there, we naturally feel that SHIRUDO UMA offers students a range of flexibility in the martial arts they can learn. This is something that very few clubs can offer and naturally we feel that this in turn helps develop an all-round strong martial artist who isn’t locked to one style but has the ability to adapt to any situation to defend themselves successfully. Added to these benefits is the high level of talented coaches, instructors and senior students within the club. Members are also given many other benefits that other clubs do not offer. We run 50 weeks of the year, with Premium memberships having 24/7 access, in an encouraging and non-intimidating class environment, making it possible for students to train without restrictions on time or their ability.

Does SHIRUDO UMA have insurance?

Yes. We have public liability insurance which covers all classes Australia wide. Note that the membership fee paid by students does not provide comprehensive personal accident insurance but does cover up to $500 for extreme injuries. All students over 18 and their parents must sign waiver forms before joining. Our strictly controlled non-contact environment means that most injuries are extremely rare.

We are proud to be members of Martial Arts Australia MAA and Martial Arts International MAI
As well as the SHIRUDO Ultimate Martial Arts Association.

How much is the registration fee?

The initial registration fee will vary depending on a number of factors such as Family member discounts as well as every month we run special promotional offers.

All of these costs are explained in our membership page.

Is the trial class beneficial for interested individuals?

At your trial class, you will feel welcomed and helped through the class not only by the experienced black belt instructors but also by other students. Generally speaking, the trial will involve an introduction to the basics of whatever style you have chosen to do. It may involve many different things such as striking, blocking and kicking techniques as well as self-defence or grappling techniques. And these will be practised at a moderate pace so a student can grasp the initial coordination required.

Are uniforms required in class?

Students are welcome to train in track pants/shorts and t-shirts to start with in all our styles initially. And for the styles that require uniforms, these can be purchased at around the 4-week mark. Cost of the uniforms vary from $55 to $140. In order to create a sense of club unity in our Muay Thai, Kickboxing and boxing, all students are required to wear our branded t-shirts and shorts as part of the uniform.

How long would it take to earn a Black belt in SHIRUDO UMA?

The average time taken for a student to achieve their provisional black belt in SHIRUDO can vary depending on a lot of factors – such as how many classes they attend in any given week and/or the speed at which they learn as everyone learns at a different pace. Past experience can affect the time as well. On average, earning a provisional black belt can be between 3 to 5 years. Our Jiu Jitsu from beginner to black belt will take a minimum of six years without exception. We have junior black belts that can be earnt in around 4 years. However, once they turn 12, they are required to do another year of training to earn a senior black belt.

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