SHIRUDO is completely sanitised every day—from floors, equipment and surfaces. Hand sanitizer is provided upon entry and must be used by every member. The temperature is taken at the door and all members must adhere to the normal temperature range, otherwise they are not permitted to enter and train.

Currently all members 16 years and above, must be fully vaccinated to join Face to face training

While training all members must adhere to all our COVID safe rules of entry

  • RULES for returning to face-to-face training starting Monday 11th October
  1. Ages 16 and above need to be fully vaccinated (MOST IMPORTANT)
  2. Children under 16 are currently exempt from this rule, however, 12 to 16 age group Government recommends have Vaccinated ASAP
  3. Masks do not need to be worn while training. However, if you can great, Instructors are encouraged.
  4. Masks do need to be worn when entering and signing in and leaving SHIRUDO
  5. Temperature’s will need to be taken at door by everyone
  6. Everyone must use the sanitiser provided while entering and exiting SHIRUDO
  7. Everyone must check in using government QR code before class
  8. Limit of 20 members per class – If by mistake there are more than 20 outdoor training will apply
  9. 4smtrs per person positions will be marked on training mat floor
  10. Wash hands thoroughly when using bathroom


Research from Oslo University has found that the spread of COVID-19 through gyms and martial arts schools is non-existent, even with intense exercise.