SHIRUDO SELF DEFENCE ACADEMY, first and foremost is a family-based Martial Art.

SHIRUDO is a Hybrid Martial Art, founded and registered in 2012 by Shihan Paul Mikel and his Son Liam

SHIHAN Paul is a 5th degree black belt and holds Dan black belts in two other styles, travelled extensively studying and competing in many different styles of martial arts over many years.

Liam, is an extremely experienced Martial Artist who has been studying many forms of Martial Arts from the age of 5, has black belts in 2 martial art styles and is currently head MMA /Kickboxing coach of SHIRUDO.

As a Father and Son Team they have more than 60 years of combined experience in Self Defence Martial Arts,

This is what makes SHIRUDO such an extraordinary Self  Defence Martial Arts Academy.

The SHIRUDO HYBRID STYLE is unique, it brings together many years of experience in multiple Self Defence Martial Arts and combines effective and  practical techniques across Karate, Hapkido, Judo, Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu. However it doesn’t stop there, not only does SHIRUDO teach techniques from all these martial arts it goes beyond that and combines Mindfulness, Meditation and Breathing, and for children and teenagers it prepares them for the many challenges that life tends to bring us all.

The Japanese word SHIRUDO translates to English as SHIELD. (relating to building a protective shield around us)

Our Mission: Is to provide self-defence training that meets the needs of our students and their families and provides them with the ability to deal with challenges under high pressure.

Our Vision:  Is to develop and teach the SHIRUDO style to the world while  ensuring its training is ethical, practical, emotionally and tactically sound, legally defensible if it comes to that, with a minimum risk of injury while training and learning.

Our Values: To value personal safety, To operate our Academy with the highest integrity, To treat our members, their families and ourselves with trust and respect and deliver value and a sense of belonging to the community.

Beyond all this, SHIRUDO is strongly underpinned by a process of developing important character traits such as, Self Confidence, Discipline, Focus, Respect & Leadership skills.

Our strong sense of Family and Community at SHIRUDO cements our programs into a very cohesive foundation and promotes the school, the community, the teachers and the students towards a common goal.

We are confident you will find that SHIRUDO is unique and well worth your investment in time and money and we look forward to guiding you through your martial arts journey.


Experience our unique and family friendly culture.