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SHIRUDO is ideal for kids! Besides learning basic self-defence and keeping fit and healthy – classes are absolutely great for developing self-confidence, balance, co-ordination, discipline and respect for others.

We start children young with age-specific classes for those 3-5 years old and 6-12 years old.

Enroll your child today!

Our kids’ classes provide a happy, friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Plus, all SHIRUDO instructors are fully accredited with WWC and have up to date first aid certificates.

SHIRUDO has a coloured belt system starting at White belt through the different colours of Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Brown, Brown / Black and Provisional Black belt and beyond into Dan Black belts. This provides a system of measurement for a child’s progress that encourages them to set goals—not just for their grading but also through life’s journey itself.

We have a commitment to help your kid grow, not only within SHIRUDO but at home and school as well. By regularly communicating with us about your child’s conduct outside our gym, we can if needed channel a more focused lesson for them, according to the identified behaviour patterns.

SHIRUDO Martial Arts would like to ask parents to notify us of any incident regarding misuse so that we can change their behaviour together.

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Building teenage self-confidence is critical nowadays. At SHIRUDO Martial Arts, we are well aware of the issues our teens have within our current tough social environments.

SHIRUDO teen classes are set up in a manner that helps with the effects of a drop-in self-confidence and in fact are designed to help build it back.

Start your teen with one of our confidence and character-building classes now!

Many teenagers shy away from most sports due to their very competitive nature.

SHIRUDO Martial Arts is aware of this and has designed a non-competitive environment encouraging each person to progress at their own pace without judgement. This allows our teens to focus purely on their own improvement and development. As they continue to train and improve every week, their self-confidence, as well as many other positive traits naturally improve.

We don’t encourage competitiveness in the classes themselves. But we do foster that at our regular off-site tournaments only for those who want to compete.

Improve your teen’s health with our lessons. Martial Arts uses every muscle and bone in the body, creating a full-body workout.

We at SHIRUDO Martial Arts encourages teens in all shapes, sizes and fitness levels to enrol today!

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Do you consider yourself a role model? If parents and other adults want children to be active and healthy throughout their life, it makes sense that they set the example themselves.

SHIRUDO Martial Arts is an individual form of exercise where you can train at your own pace. We offer an ideal sport for adults no matter what age, sex or ability.

Come join us. Feel the difference and experience the excitement!

SHIRUDO Martial Arts classes provide a full-body workout which is excellent for weight loss, toning, and stress release, with the added benefit of learning a martial art which improves focus, concentration and overall is a great self confidence booster.
Martial arts training and exercise has been proven to have many stress reducing attributes. Research has proven that adults who make time for exercise or martial arts training, gain more control over their body and mind and are more likely to manage stress a lot easier.

Consistent martial arts training can work the heart, keeping it strong. Adults who choose to stay active through continuous sports activites or do more exercise have a lower risk of suffering from diabetes, joint pain and arthritis.

Check our current offers and enquire for a free trial class today!

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SHIRUDO Hybrid is a perfect activity for families because it is literally one of the only sporting activities that allows families to train together in the same class environment.

Most of our classes are family orientated, with our Saturday morning class being family specific. We have all kinds of family units training together, mums and daughters, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters and full families of five or six including both parents. It is a wonderful environment and one that many families thrive in, because of the bond they start to form training together.

Training together as a family also encourages goal setting and working together as a team to achieve them.

The whole family can get fit, stronger and healthier and as a by product learn how to defend themselves.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

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SHIRUDO Ultimate Martial Arts delivers modern, exciting Martial Arts in reach of all people no matter what age, sex or ability.

SHIRUDO first and foremost has a family based culture and a world class training facility with a choice of the most diverse Martial Arts and MMA programs in Australia today, and provides a chance for anyone to train and learn under experienced, international and industry qualified champion instructors, trainers and coaches, all of whom have current Working with Children Checks and Police Checks and up to date first aid certificates.

“SHIRUDO is truly the ultimate place to learn, train, get fit, have fun or become a champion fighter.”


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