What is martial arts?

What is martial arts?

Most people have an understanding of martial arts from film – it’s when they see people punching, kicking and saying “hi-yah!”. Although these aspects may present themselves in martial arts, there is so much more to this discipline that most people look over.

Martial arts cover a broad range of topics – from fighting and exercise to physical fitness and mental well-being. It is typically associated with Asian cultures, but has since spread to the whole world because of its often balanced methods as well as multiple benefits.

There are hundreds of martial art types, but most of them have more similarities than differences. Some styles are passed down only through families while others are more broadly taught and spread.

Many martial arts incorporate the Chinese concept of Qi. According to this culture, Qi is basically the fundamental life of the universe. It is a type of invisible force that exists in everything. And martial arts is a method of obtaining balance or more control of these forces.

As marital arts spread into the western culture, it has detached itself from the concept of Qi and has broadened into an art form that focuses on the discipline of the mind, no matter what energy or belief system you value.

In martial arts, you can go freehand or use weapons in the instruction, depending on the style the trainer is seeking. It is also a very adaptable sport/fitness regimen not only because it has been passed down for thousands of years, but also because it is naturally flexible and grows with the changing times. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is an example of this growth. It incorporates various fighting styles and methods into one. Whether you desire a traditional activity or one that is adaptable, martial arts is the way to go.

Most sports require discipline, drive and determination in order to be successful, and that is especially true for martial arts. It isn’t just about being a good puncher, thrower or kicker. In martial arts, you need to have control over your emotions, mind and body. You should be able to think ahead and quickly to dissolve threats. And it doesn’t matter how good you are, there are always areas that you can improve on and you can grow in.

Because it is heavily connected with Qi and the teachings of Buddha, martial arts often has a spiritual element to it. But for those who aren’t interested in this element, it is still important to grow the body and mind in order to maximise the fluidity of your efforts.

Many armies around the world incorporate forms of martial arts into their training because when push comes to shove, being regimented with some form of martial arts style can create an upper-hand.

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