Ways to keep fit in isolation

Ways to keep fit in isolation

The current pandemic has impacted the world in unprecedented ways. Of course, staying healthy and safe is of vital concern for everyone, especially those at high risk.

We understand a lot of people are opting to avoid crowded gatherings, such as martial arts in Castle Hill, and many have had to self-isolate.

However, this doesn’t mean that we have to give up on our health goals.

There are various methods of maintaining a rigorous health schedule while in isolation. And in this article, we explain some things to keep in mind.

1) Recognise you are not alone

One of the best motivators for staying healthy is having a group atmosphere. When in isolation, it can feel lonely – and this can dampen motivation.

At SHIRUDO, we pride ourselves of our inclusive family culture, and we have taken to social media to help connect our gym to your home. We have been offering tutorials, workshops, advice and motivation so that you can feel united with others.

Even if you don’t stay on top of our accounts and resources, you can know that we have your back and are working hard like you behind the scenes.

2) Doing something is better than nothing

It can be easy to think that because you can’t go to the gym or attend a SHIRUDO class to get a super active and fun workout in, then it is pointless to do anything. But studies prove that doing even a little exercise will benefit you instead of doing nothing.

Even if you only opt to stretch more, that is far better than falling into a pit of inactivity. It only makes it harder to resurface once out of isolation.

Many small and easy movements can be done from your bedroom or living room. The isolation may help establish some motivating habits that help boost the hard work you may already place in the gym.

We have multiple videos and resources available that can help you stay encouraged.

3) Mind over matter

If you are sick or exhibiting symptoms, it is essential to react with what your medical professionals have advised. However, if you are in isolation without symptoms, but may have contracted the disease, then you can still find ways to stay ahead of the illness.

Studies show that having an upbeat and positive attitude can help fight against sickness. There are no guarantees of prevention, but fear will only worsen the chances. Staying positive and keeping yourself occupied can greatly assist while in isolation.

Martial arts training is not only about the body but about the mind as well. We build tough mental stamina that gives us endurance during a crisis. You can have a little taste of this by watching our videos and then even considering joining our classes.


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We know that humans are strong – and we aim to bring that out in men, women and children.

We understand this is a worrying time for many. A lot of things are unknown, and information is continuously changing.

What we do know though, is that SHIRUDO Self Defence offers amazing personal training classes in Castle Hill that extend beyond a physical gym, helping those even in quarantine.

If you want to become a part of the SHIRUDO family, enquire at 1300 990 525 or fill in this form. Our BJJ classes in Castle Hill are some of the most respected, along with our modern facilities.