Martial arts for children

Martial arts for children

Martial arts is a special and ancient sport that dates back to around 1150 BC. And having children involved in it has proven benefits. Children have been long before martial arts and they have amazing potential. The well-being of the child always comes first, and martial arts is not a substitute for all other areas of their development, but it is an amazing supplement.

Just like any sport, it is crucial to have the right coaching. Incorrect instruction can be detrimental as opposed to beneficial. In this article, we will explore how marital arts, along with proper training, can impact children, as well as how you can reap those benefits today.

1) Keeps children active and healthy

Martial arts is a highly active and laborious sport. It requires physical effort whilst participating and it also demands continuous activity outside of the gym. Practising proper and supervised martial arts is safe and develops the body in a way that helps prevent future injuries. It builds muscle, coordination and toughness.

Strength and flexibility are both improved when children train in martial arts. It is a full body sport, so it is balanced and holistic.

Martial arts training for children

2) Develops focus and discipline

This sport is not about violence. It is about mental discipline as much as it is about physical development. Developing the right mindset behind martial arts is just as important as learning the specific moves and actions. Each gym is different, but here at SHIRUDO, we emphasise the value and necessity of honour, respect, focus and self-discipline. Coaches discourage bad attitudes and mean sportiness, whilst encouraging cooperation and self-betterment.

This sport is amazing for developing a balanced and well-mannered child. The skill of focus and discipline will extend to all areas of a child’s life well into adulthood.

3) Builds confidence

Young children and teenagers can often feel insecure or embarrassed with themselves. Peers and society can cause them to distrust and feel out-of-place. Martial arts provides physical and mental toughness and a philosophy of confidence. There will be challenges and obstacles in the gym that children will be taught to overcome, just like there are challenges and obstacles in life that they will have to endure.

Building confidence while young and developing a skill like martial arts transcends into adult life. It can propel a child forward, pushing them to not worry about what people say or think, but rather, focus on achieving more.

Martial arts classes for kids

4) Adds structure and goals to their routine

Having structured class times and goals means that children practising this sport are required to achieve. Whether it is a deadline or a specific skill that needs mastering, martial arts teaches the value of structure, routine and achieving goals. Children need to be free and experience childhood for sure, but adding some structure helps prepare them for life and the world ahead. Setting goals and accomplishing them is an invaluable part of martial arts. It helps light a fire for success that will carry them through life.

5) Provides community and friendship

Like most sports martial arts is about teamwork and community. Although you may duel one on one, competitions are typically team-based and a proper gym atmosphere will be about encouraging others to reach their potential.

Being able to fall and get back up is an important life lesson, and martial arts can literally teach that lesson to children. Falling may happen, but encouragement is always available. At SHIRUDO Self Defence, we create a family environment where everyone has each other’s back and friendship is emphasised.

These are just a few major reasons martial arts benefits children. If you want to find out more or perhaps see the action first-hand, book a free trial lesson. SHIRUDO Self Defence prides itself on exceptional martial arts and fitness training for children and adults. With our family environment, all ages are made to feel welcome and are encouraged to reach their full potential.

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