Inaugural virtual class – a smashing success

Inaugural virtual class – a smashing success

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’

Well, with the recent shift in world affairs, we at SHIRUDO chose to make the best out of a difficult situation. Out of concern and safety for everyone, we have opted to close our gym for the time being.

What now?

A lot of our in-house instruction and training involves direct contact. But this doesn’t mean we’ve stopped our services.

Instead, we’ve adapted!

Thanks to the awesome team at FX Web Studio, we were able to quickly set-up and establish a virtual classroom, enabling us to conduct our classes online.

We notified our clients and broadcasted these changes on our website and social media. People were interested – and we see real promise in this virtual addition.

Our first session was a joint class between Liam and Paul. We taught elements of Muay Thai and kickboxing. With over 20 in attendance, we were able to instruct and provide feedback to our students effectively.

Of course, being the introductory class that we conducted, there are some wrinkles that we need to iron out.

Still, overall, there is a tremendous benefit to offering both online and actual sessions.

As we learn to use this technology, we will develop ways to better support our students, motivate them, keep them accountable and even maintain their grading schedule.

What to expect

There is obviously a lot more on offer with our classes than just watching instructional videos on YouTube.

At SHIRUDO, we not only provide instruction – we also give feedback in real time. We’re able to see your technique and offer advice on how to improve.

There is also a level of accountability that encourages you to commit to your classes and fulfil your grades. And of course, we offer exclusive content and resources unique to every member.

Being in isolation can present a lot of difficulties – mentally, emotionally and physically.

Our program naturally builds all areas of your being, so that you’re able to handle adversity better.

From the comfort of your own home, you can learn valuable and practical skills that will transform your life.

Very soon, all our classes will be made available online. And when things return back to normal, we have plans to continue our virtual classes – just in case you miss an in-person class and need to catch up.

This is also a great way to help active kids cope with the challenges of isolation. Our lessons focus on discipline and structure while combining active and worthwhile fun.

Here is some feedback from some of the participants:

Well done guys! Exactly what the kids needed after day 2 of home schooling.

Gotta say thanks to Shihan and Liam, that was fantastic. Great work, really appreciate it.

Thanks guys! Good class 😀

This crisis is uniquely shaping the world, but we are choosing to adapt. SHIRUDO Mixed Martial Arts is taking the next step in virtual classroom training – and you can be a part of this progress.

For more information or to get your FREE 1-week trial, book online or call us on 1300 990 525.