How martial arts can change your life

How martial arts can change your life

When it comes to our lives, we have various things tugging for our attention: people, work, school and so on.

We try to juggle everything at once and oftentimes, we drop the ball.

We often see those people who have their lives on balance – and we crave that! ‘We wish we had control of our lives like they do’, we think to ourselves.

What if we told you there was a sport you could participate in that would equip you with all the disciplines needed to get control of your life? You would think we were crazy or perhaps lying to you!

Well, it is known that martial arts is a sport, hobby and lifestyle that leads to well balanced and happy lives. In this article, we go through how martial arts can change your life!


Oftentimes, when our lives are too hard to manage, it leads to poor health decisions.

It is hard to justify working out, going for a run or eating healthy when other things in life are, at that moment, more important. Then, the negative effects of health choices kick in and we wish we maintained a better lifestyle.

Well, with SHIRUDO Martial Arts, we tailor programs to suit whatever fitness level you are at.

Physically moving about and learning a new skill is beyond amazing for your body. It requires overcoming limits and pushing our bodies at times, but achieving goals is so worthwhile. Over time, you will see the hard work pay off.



Martial arts is more than just physical movement – it is a mentality.

It is about changing your frame of mind from someone who goes through life with the flow into someone who takes life by the horns.

People are at different stages in life which is why we have programs for children and adults alike. We aim to help each person to individually make and achieve goals.

When the body is active and moving, and at the same time, the mind is learning new skills, then this has a great impact on your confidence and outlook on life.

We have found many of those who train with us love the way it makes them think more clearly.

It helps them tackle challenges at work, home and life, in general. Not just obstacles in our gym.



Martial arts is all about control. Anybody can move their body around wildly, but with SHIRUDO Martial Arts, you learn to have control over your body and spirit.

The disciplines we teach extend into all areas of your being, including emotions. We help build confidence and trust in yourself and foster a positive environment for growth.

Our techniques are modern, powerful and exciting, but above all, controlled. If you want to be a strong, focused individual, then SHIRUDO can help you.

Martial arts for children


These are just three simple ways SHIRUDO Martial Arts can assist you.

If you want a life change, then consider martial arts with us. We offer BJJ, MMA, HITT fitness and personal training for all.

We understand that everyone is different, but being a balanced individual is not out of reach for anybody.

If you are a parent who wants to instil good habits and discipline to your child in a fun and exciting way, consider our children programs or school holiday options. If you want personal improvement, SHIRUDO Martial Arts can change your life.

What are you waiting for? For more information, contact us here or book a free trial class in whatever area you fancy.

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