Benefits of Ultimate Martial Arts

Benefits of Ultimate Martial Arts

The new year has begun. And perhaps one of your resolutions is to get fit and healthy.

One of the hardest parts about getting in good shape and condition is having the motivation and knowledge to achieve your goal.

Here at SHIRUDO, we offer comprehensive fitness solutions – and one area we specialise in is Ultimate Martial Arts (UMA).

Ultimate Martial Arts is one of the fitness regimes that targets and engages the whole body, including the mind.

When the body and mind are developed together, it strengthens discipline and motivation, increasing the likelihood of continuing until you reach your target.

If you want to get fit and healthy, then check out the immense benefits of UMA here.

Benefits of Ultimate Martial Arts

Heart health

The type of training that UMA offers tends to be quick-paced, but more of an interval scenario. This can cause the heart rate to increase and then decrease, similar to doing drills.

Interval training has been proven to increase the heart’s health. Movement, in general, is great for your heart, but the specific movements of UMA have extra benefits.


UMA not only builds one’s physical endurance, but also their mental stamina.

Martial arts is great at building endurance – whether it is overcoming a difficult opponent or challenge, or mentally overcoming your own limits.

Maintaining a fitness regime already requires endurance and resolve. Martial arts will push you to continue achieving your goal.

Shirudo Ultimate Martial Arts

Functional movements

Your body should work for you and be in top condition. There is no point learning how to do things with your body that you will never use practically.

UMA develops a lot of flexibility and functional movements that will translate into everyday life.

Whether it is improving your balance, flexibility or general movements, UMA has a lot to offer.

Burn fat

With most workout programs, you will burn fat. But with UMA, you not only lose weight – you also develop toned and functional muscles.

It can be difficult and discouraging to burn fat through monotonous methods, but UMA keeps things fun and fresh.

Mental development

Across martial arts, the benefits extend further than just physical. The training is taxing on your body, but it increases your mental toughness.

There is a certain level of discipline required for continued martial arts, which SHIRUDO UMA can help you develop.

The warm and friendly family culture that we offer encourages your body and mind to reach new heights.

Shirudo Ultimate Martial Arts

Self defence

Of course, with all the new knowledge and skills learned comes the benefit of being able to defend yourself when needed.

This will increase your self-esteem and other’s confidence in you, as your skills can protect others.

Self-defence is an important skill as it has been proven to help women and children excel further in school and society.

SHIRUDO Ultimate Martial Arts programs are designed with a culture of excellence and achievement in mind.

We offer a family-friendly zone where people of all ages, genders and skill levels can grow and develop.

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