5 reasons you should learn self-defence

5 reasons you should learn self-defence

We all know some movies where the hero has to defend themselves or others from danger using self-defence. We sit there looking longingly at the screen and think, “I wish I could do that!”

The films make it look seamless. But being able to defend yourself is an important earned skill – one that we would say is NECESSARY for everyone.

At SHIRUDO Ultimate Martial Arts, there is so much to our self-defence programs. It isn’t just about punching and kicking your way out of risky situations.

More importantly, there is an important philosophy of inclusiveness and empowerment that we embody and instruct.

When a person learns how to defend themselves, it has dramatic ripple effects throughout their entire life.

5 reasons you should learn self defence
In this article, we will discuss five reasons why you should learn self-defence.

1) Builds confidence

One of the biggest and most crippling feelings that plagues society today is lack of confidence.

It can spiral a person into other forms of mental illness that, if unchecked, can do great personal damage.

Having the right form of confidence can change your life! SHIRUDO Self Defence programs not only teach the physical movements of defence, but also the mental and emotional strength one needs to have belief in one’s ability.

When you learn the art of self-defence, you also develop an awareness of your body and how you can overcome previously unattainable limits. Because you are educated in physical manoeuvres, you will naturally begin to see tremendous health benefits.

This goes to show that there is an immense connection between being healthy and having increased confidence.

Having confidence could mean the difference between getting that promotion at work, asking that special person on a date or finally feeling ready for the next challenge in life. These choices will all impact your life substantially.

Martial arts

2) Develops discipline

In order to excel in self-defence, you must have discipline.

Like most sports, hobbies or anything we wish to accomplish in life, our level of discipline can determine whether we succeed.

Life is not always easy – and the skill of pushing past obstacles through discipline transcends to more than just the gym.

You will literally roll with the punches physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

In order to properly learn self-defence, you will need to show up to martial arts classes or personal training sessions and develop habits that don’t come naturally.

This skill of being consistent and reliable is all a part of proper discipline.

Whether you are a child or an adult, you will benefit highly from developing discipline.

3) Goal setting

Life is all about setting goals. None of us just want to coast through life aimlessly.

We make goals—big and small—and then we take steps to accomplish them.

Participating in self-defence programs such as boxing or Brazilian Jiu jitsu (BJJ) teaches one to make and achieve goals no matter how difficult they may seem initially.

The confidence and sense of accomplishment obtained when goals are made and completed is beyond explanation.

4) Boosts your health

Learning martial arts for self-defence requires intense movement and vibrancy of health.

If you are not the healthiest person or are already healthy but looking for a new type of fitness routine, then enrolling on a self-defence program has the double benefit of learning a vital skill whilst building your fitness.

No matter what fitness level you are at, self-defence is one of the ultimate forms of keeping healthy as it involves the whole body – from head to toe. The best part is that the health benefits extend to the mind and emotions.


5) Learn responsibility and values

When learning the skill of self-defence, there are centuries of tradition and values that you also learn with it.

With this knowledge comes the obligation to use the skills responsibly and constructively.

As you harness mastery of your body, you develop a sense of responsibility and a set of values that transcend into everyday life. For children especially, bullying is often reduced or entirely stopped.

A reliable and established martial arts gym such as SHIRUDO Ultimate Martial Arts is more than capable of helping you or your family learn the vital skill of self-defence.

We believe in the philosophy of inclusivity and we offer a program that is modern, exciting and perfect for anyone, no matter what age, sex or ability.

For more information about our programs and classes, click the links or contact our friendly and skilled masters. Start this year strong and take your life to the next level with SHIRUDO!

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